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Drapery Cleaning NY

We use eco-friendly products to ensure proper and safe cleaning. We are able to clean and repair any types or brands of your drapery. We also sell window treatments and we clean, repair and sell Hunter Douglass draperies. With regards to cleaning draperies that are constructed from lace we're going to use curtain stretches to make certain proper drying of draperies. After cleaning your draperies if they're wrinkled we will iron them out to straighten them.  The cleaning procedure features the following, we dust off your drapery with the use of special vacuuming tools. By doing so the main dirt or dust shall be taken off your draperies.

Organic Cleaning New York

We refer to this also as natural cleaning. Being that the products are organic they won't cause any harm to the carpet or area rugs. The cleaning process might be longer however by applying this method we will ensure a through and complete cleaning.  Because organic products are safer we strive to always use them in an effort to help the environment. Organic Cleaning has grown to be an important part of our company so we wish to use this method when cleaning various products. 

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